A Leap of Faith: Rezident Jonny Tarr

A Leap of Faith

Rezident Jonny Tarr

Photo by Dwiko Arie.

Almost every decision we make in life involves some kind of risk. Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Motion states that; “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Whether you’re making a decision to take that job that may or may not pay more, deciding whether or not to have that surgery that may or may not save your life, entering a business venture knowing that there is a high-risk of failure, or even a decision to emotionally invest in someone you think is the One – almost every decision we make involves some kind of risk. The bottom line is, we must be willing to take leaps of faith, and fail, in order to succeed.

Rezident Jonny Tarr, Multi-Instrumentalist and Vocalist, is all too familiar with taking leaps of faith.


Photo by Dwiko Arie.

Born in Cardiff, Capital city of Wales, in the United Kingdom, it was inevitable that Rezident Jonny Tarr’s entrance into the world would evolve around music.Wales is traditionally referred to as “the land of song” supported by a rich history of Folk and Celtic music. Jonny’s style of music is Acoustic Soul, with vocal influences from Motown to present day.

“I have been singing since I can remember.”

To compliment his soulful singing, Jonny Tarr continuously improves his musical inclination. He’s played the piano for majority of his life. At eleven years old he picked up the saxophone. For the past ten to fifteen years he’s added the flute and guitar to his abilities. Although, music always remained a constant in his life, it wasn’t until the age of nineteen that Jonny decided to pursue a career in music full-time. When asked why he finds himself in this field of employment Rezident Jonny Tarr responded with a quote from the Chinese thinker and social philosopher, Confucius;

“Pick a profession that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Originally, Jonny began his higher education at a Drama school in Wales. Unfortunately, he had a few run-ins with his drama tutors for his behavior because he simply was unhappy with drama studies. He then auditioned for Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts where he continued on pursuing a music degree.

“I had always worked on music and drama simultaneously up to then, but it had come to the point where I had to make a choice and music was the only real choice for me. Nothing else meant as much.”

After visiting an old friend and music partner in San Diego a few times, and seeing how well he was doing, Rezident Jonny Tarr decided to take a leap of faith and relocate to San Diego,California to pursue his music career. With a small network of associates and friends in San Diego, and no real guarantee that he could make it, Jonny’s decision to make this move was nothing short of an amazing belief and confidence, in not only his music, but also in himself.

“I had been back and forth a couple of times and made some good friends on previous visits, so it was considered a risk as I had a small support network here.”

With rumors floating around about a 97% failure rate in the music industry, (which by the way I have yet to find a credible resource to verify the validity of that percentage), it is safe to assume that the life of a musician is one of constant hustle to make a living. I’m sure many of you musicians out there, will agree to that. Jonny went on to explain that it’s normal for musicians to feel like giving up every now and then, especially when your peers are buying houses and cars and you are struggling to keep your head above water. When asked what keeps him from giving up, he replied;

“I don’t want to disappoint the people that have supported me and believed in me for so long, along with a personal obligation to stick to my passion.”

Where did Jonny Tarr’s Leap of Faith lead him?

Photo by Dwiko Arie.

It lead him to become the best at what he does. With a variety of “sounds” as his inspiration, be it on television, YouTube or the radio, he continues to critique himself in order to improve because live music is always a challenge. In a recording studio, you can edit the last take, with live music, you have to perform at your best everytime.

“The drive to make a success of my chosen passion directly influences my work today.”

I attended an acoustic dinner on February 6, 2012, in which Rezident Jonny Tarr was the main performer, and was absolutely blown away by his talent. Jonny mastered the craft of a one-man band as he performed songs like “I Need A Dollar” by Aloe Blacc and “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” originally recorded by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles. On some songs, Jonny would start out beatboxing before diving into the song and utilized a keyboard, guitar, flute, and saxophone sometimes within the SAME song. I know what you’re thinking; “How on earth is that possible?” He utilizes a foot pedal loop station to repeat a sound and to harmonize with himself. If you haven’t seen Rezident Jonny Tarr perform live, put it on your to-do list as a must-see for yourself. I asked him, how is it that he flawlessly makes switching between instruments, as he’s singing and performing a song live, look so easy? Jonny’s response;

“It’s like learning how to drive a stick.”

When you’ve worked as hard as Jonny Tarr has to become the best at your trade or craft, eventually it becomes second nature.

Jonny’s leap of faith lead him to become the best at what he does, simply because failure is not an option. You would be surprised what you’re capable of achieving when failure is not an option. Jonny Tarr credits Osian Roberts , as a major influence on him during his childhood years. Osian Roberts is a saxophone player from Jonny’s hometown.

Where can you find Jonny Tarr?

Photo by Dwiko Arie.

You might spot him in Tokyo, Japan, his favorite place to travel to. Jonny’s personal accomplishment that he’s most proud of is playing at the Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival – HESO magazine describes the festival as “setting a new world standard for large-scale parties of its kind”.

Maybe you’ll catch him skateboarding. Jonny is a fanatical skateboarder.

Other activities Jonny enjoys doing when he’s not performing are; snowboarding, yoga, tennis, and watching films.

Be sure to attend one of his acoustic dinners from 7pm-9pm on Monday’s at Henry’s Pub in downtown San Diego.

As mentioned earlier, almost every decision we make in life involves some kind of risk. We must be willing to take leaps of faith, and fail, in order to succeed. Rezident Jonny Tarr’s leap of faith in leaving his hometown and relocating to San Diego to pursue his passion, the belief in himself combined with the confidence in his skills as a musician, has made him Rezident Management’s favorite one-man band in San Diego.

We can live life playing it on the safe side, coloring within the lines, and risk missing out on truly LIVING life to its fullest. Or we can take leaps of faith, like Jonny Tarr, following the passion within our hearts, and risk failing-forward.

How do you choose to lead your life? Do you take risks for yourself or do you stay within the lines? I vote if it’s worth it to you, then take that risk.

“You have to risk going too far to discover just how far you can really go.” – Jim Rohn

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